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"I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I’m always using the website and firing off thousands of tweets about Dario Saric, but it can frequently be a cesspool. Sometimes, however, it can be unparalleled source in making my day and no weird trend illustrates that more than #RaiseTheCat. What you, a normal person, must be wondering is, “What hell is #RaiseTheCat?”" - Read More at Liberty Ballers

"If there's one process foreign to Philadelphia 76ers fans, it's celebrating victories. Unaccustomed to winning, they're showing team pride with a bizarre ritual.

The rebuilding franchise—which tallied a combined 47 wins over the previous three seasons—has now won eight of its last 10 games. Ecstatic supporters are commemorating each triumph with the #RaiseTheCat movement.

It's exactly what it sounds like." - Read more at Bleacher Report

"Every so often, when the stars align just right in the beautifully goofy universe that is the NBA internet, a particular team's fan base concocts a meme that becomes part rallying cry, part inside joke and part homage to their favorite squad.

There have certainly been some good ones in recent years. But the league has never seen a meme as cute as this." - Read more at Mashable